Services: (Click on each for more information) 

  •   Interior Design

    o  Type:   Hospitality and Residential

    o  Scale:  Small to Large Scale.  We work hard to build a relationship with clients to be the go-to Designer for all their interior design needs.  We can handle projects on a one space at a time basis or the entire property at once.

    o  Contracting:  We will assist in hiring the contractor on jobs and coordinate their services and timelines.  We require that our clients hold all third party contracts.

    Design Management:  To have a designer on retainer for your continued small-scale design services and/or special events. 


  •   International Sourcing

    The design team for World Effect Studio travels often around the globe to exotic locations to review product development or find new sources for World Effect (The Shop).  During these trips, we spend time searching for unique items to bring back to the United States.  We are always on the hunt for pieces that are great “as is” but we also search for items that can be repurposed.  We love the creative processes of repurposing great finds from markets and giving them a second life.  It is also a great step to being more environmental.


    If you are client of World Effect Studio or an Interior Designer in search of international finds to add to your home or a project for client, please let us know.   You can also sign up to become a Sourcing Member.  With this free membership, you will receive photos and information on our finds from around the world.  We can also take the time to personally search for anything specific to your needs if you contact us.


  •   Custom Furniture Designs

    World Effect Studios is a great source for all your custom furniture needs.   We design all the furniture and products for World Effect (The Shop).  During this process, we can add additional items with low quantities and include them in our containers for World Effect Studio clients.  We also have a wonderful database of domestic furniture producers that produce beautiful handmade items in a variety of materials. 

"The mission of every job is to make the client happy and to help them realize their vision and needs." 



Through the process, we hope to build a lasting relationship with our clients through trust and a great final product.   Every project we work on is a unique experience that helps us grow and affords us the opportunity to do something we love; design!  Great interior Design should make people’s lives function easier in a surrounding that represents them.  We never feel successful until our client is smiling and proud about what was accomplished.  That is the best final result!