Frequently Asked Questions: (click on the questions) 

  • What is the difference between World Effect (The Shop) and World Effect Studio?

    World Effect Studios is a full service boutique interior design firm.  World Effect (The Shop) and World Effect Studios are owned by the same people, but are separate businesses.  Different teams also work to support the two businesses under the management of Beau Wynja and Meggan Fadden Wynja.  There is some overlap between the businesses, which adds unique advantages to both our shop and studio.

  • Do you only use World Effect Furniture and Décor on your Interior Design projects?  

    No, we don’t use World Effect Furniture and Décor exclusively.  We find our furnishing for projects through many sources.  We have several different furniture and décor businesses that we source items from and we are always open to learning about new companies.  We will use companies, but we always like to support small family run businesses domestic or international.  We also find pieces in markets around the world or through local contacts.  Of course we do not mind if you would like to use the products from World Effect.

  • Do you only use sustainable or fair trade products on your Interior Design projects?

    No, we don’t use sustainable and fair trade products exclusively.  We would like to use them as much as possible but our goal is to meet the client’s needs.  If we can provide a comparative product that is environmentally responsible, we would love to give our clients the opportunity to make an informed choice on what is best for them.  We are aware it is much easier to fully furnish a residential property in all sustainable products than it is for hospitality, but there are now several commercial grade options available with great designs and custom capabilities.  So it is always an option worth exploring!

  • What is the best way to approach you about a possible project?

    We are always excited to hear about any possible projects.   The best way to contact us about your Residential or Hospitality project is to email us.  Our email address is   We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your inquiry.  You can also give us a call to discuss your project at 1.800.409.1070 and press 3 for our World Effect Studio office. 

  • What is your fee?

    Our fees are determined by the scope of the job.  For larger jobs, we generally work based on a flat fee set by the scope of the project.  For smaller jobs, we work on an hourly fee with a top set price not to exceed.  Depending on the type of design management projects we are contracted to perform, we might set up a retainer or on an hourly fee.  It is best to contact us to discuss the fee structure. 

  • How do I get information about your upcoming sourcing trips and their destinations?


    Due to the nature of World Effect (The Shop) we travel often to review production and develop new products with our artisans.  During these trips we love to pick up additional items we find for our shop and especially for our clients.  The best way to get a heads up on our travels is to check our blog often and become a Sourcing Member.  With this free membership, you will receive exclusive photos and updates on possible items we can purchase for you.  We will be notifying you of amazing finds from all over the world.  This is a great way find incredible unique items not found anywhere else.  These email alerts are very time sensitive, so if you want something, act fast before another customer gets it or we move onto the next location.  Please note that items through this service do require more time for delivery, as we need to arrange logistics from wherever we find the item.  We will inform you of our timelines prior to purchases.